[A psalme of Dauid when he was in the wyldernesse of Iuda.]
O Lorde thou art my Lorde: early in the morning I do seeke thee.
My soule thirsteth for thee: my fleshe also longeth after thee in a baren and drye lande [where] no water is.
[To see thee] euen so [as] I haue seene thee in the sanctuary: that I might beholde thy power and glory.
For thy louing kindnes is better then life [itselfe]: my lippes shall prayse thee.
As long as I liue I wyll blesse thee on this maner: and in thy name I wyll lyft vp my handes.
My soule is satisfied euen as it were with mary and fatnes: and my mouth prayseth thee with ioyfull lippes.
Haue I not remembred thee in my bed: and thought vpon thee when I was waking?
Because thou hast ben my helper: therfore vnder the shadowe of thy wynges do I reioyce.
My soule cleaueth fast vnto thee: thy right hande hath vpholden me.
And they [that] seeke my soule to oppresse [it]: shall go vnder the earth.
Euery one of them shalbe killed with the edge of a sworde: and they shalbe a portion for Foxes.
But the king shal reioyce in the Lord, al they shal glory that sweare by him: for the mouth of all them that speake a lye, shalbe stopped.