[To the chiefe musition,
the psalme of Dauid,
a song.]
O Lorde thou wylt be greatly praysed in Sion: and vnto thee shal vowes be perfourmed
Thou that hearest a prayer: vnto thee shall all fleshe come.
[My] misdeedes haue preuayled against me: oh be thou mercifull vnto our wicked transgressions.
Blessed is the man [whom] thou choosest and receauest vnto thee: he shall dwell in thy court, and we shalbe satisfied with the goodnes of thy house, euen of thy holy temple.
Thou wylt heare vs, doyng wonderfull thinges in righteousnes O Lorde of our saluation: thou [art] the hope of all endes of the earth, and of them that dwell farre of at the sea coast.
Thou art he who in his strength setleth fast the mountaines: and is gyrded about with power.
Who stilleth the raging of the sea, and the noyse of his waues: and the vprore of the people.
They also that dwel in the vtmost partes [of the earth] be afrayde at thy signes: thou makest them reioyce at the going foorth of the morning and euenyng.
Thou visitest the earth, and thou makest it ouerflowne, thou enrichest it greatly: the riuer of God is full of water, thou preparest their corne, for so thou ordaynest it.
Thou waterest her forowes, thou breakest downe her hillockes: thou makest it soft with the drops of rayne, and blessest the increase of it.
Thou crownest the yere with thy goodnes: and thy cloudes drop fatnes.
They drop vpon the dwellinges of the wyldernesse: and hilles be compassed with ioy.
The downes be couered with sheepe: the valleys stande thicke with corne [so that] they showte [for ioy] and also sing.