[To the chiefe musition vpon Sosanim (a psalme) of Dauid.]
Saue me O Lorde: for waters haue entred in vnto my soule.
I am ouer the head in deepe myre where I feele no grounde: I plunge in deepe waters where the streame ouerwhelmeth me.
I am weery of crying, my throte is drye: my syght fayleth me through the long attendaunce that I haue geuen vpon my Lorde.
They that hate me without a cause are mo then the heeres of my head: they that are myne enemies and woulde destroy me giltlesse are mightie, I payde them the thynges that I neuer toke.
God thou knowest my folly: and my faultes are not hyd from thee.
Let not them that trust in thee O Lorde God of hoastes, be for my cause ashamed: let not those that seke thee, be through me confounded O Lorde of Israel.
For thy sake haue I suffered reprofe, shame hath couered my face:
I am become a straunger vnto my brethren, euen an aliaunt vnto my mothers children.
For the zeale of thine house hath euen eaten me: and the rebukes of them that rebuked thee, are fallen vpon me.
And I wept [chastenyng] my soule with fastyng: and that was turned to my reproofe.
Also I put on sackcloth for my garment: and they iested at me.
They that sit in the gate speake agaynst me: and they that drynke strong drynke [make] songes [vpon me.]
But [I make] my prayer vnto thee O God in an acceptable tyme: heare me O Lord in the multitude of thy mercie, according to the trueth of thy saluation.
Take me out of the myre, that I sincke not: oh let me be delyuered from them that hate me, & out of the deepe waters.
Let not the water fludde drowne me, neither let the deepe swalowe me vp: & let not the pyt shut her mouth vpon me.
Heare me O God, for thy louyng kindnesse is comfortable: turne thee vnto me accordyng vnto the multitude of thy mercies.
And hyde not thy face from thy seruaunt, for I am in trouble: O haste thee [and] heare me.
Draw nigh vnto my soule & redeeme it: for myne enemies sake oh redeeme me.
Thou hast knowen my reproofe, my shame, and my dishonour: myne aduersaries are all in thy syght.
Reproofe hath broke my heart a peeces, I am full of heauinesse: I loked for some to haue pitie on me, but there was none, and for some that shoulde comfort me, but I coulde fynde none.
They gaue me for meate, gall to eate: and when I was thirstie, they gaue me vineger to drynke.
Let their table be as a snare before them: and in steade of aboundaunce of peace, let it be a meanes of destruction.
Let their eyes be blynded that they see not: and euer bowe downe their loynes.
Powre out thine indignation vpon them: and let thy wrathfull displeasure take holde of them.
Let their habitation be desolate: and let no man dwell in their tabernacles.
For they persecute hym whom thou hast smitten: and they talke of the griefe of them whom thou hast wounded.
Let them fall from one wickednesse to another: and let them not enter into thy ryghteousnesse.
Let them be wyped out of the booke of the lyuyng: and not to be written among the ryghteous.
As for me I am afflicted and in heauinesse: thy sauing helpe O Lorde shal defende me.
I wyll prayse the name of the Lorde with a song: and magnifie hym with a solemne confession.
And it wyll please God: better then a bullocke that hath hornes and hoofes.
The humble wyll consider this and be glad, such as seke after God: and your soule shall lyue.
For God heareth the poore: & dispiseth not his prisoners.
Let heauen and earth prayse hym: the sea and all that moueth therin.
For the Lorde wyll saue Sion, and builde the cities of Iehuda: that men may dwel there and haue it in possession.
The posteritie also of his seruauntes shall inherite it: and they that loue his name shall dwell therin.