[Siggaion of Dauid,
whiche he song vnto God in the busines of Chus,
the sonne of Iemini.]
O God my Lord, in thee I haue put my trust: saue me from all them that do persecute me, and deliuer thou me.
Lest he like a Lion seasoneth on my soule: teareth it in peeces, hauyng no rescue.
O God my Lord, if I haue done any such thing: or if there be any wickednesse in my handes.
If I haue done euyll vnto hym that had peace with me: and [if] I haue [not] deliuered hym that is without a cause myne aduersarie?
[Then] let myne enemie persecute my soule and take me: yea, let hym put me to death, and lay myne honour in the dust.
Arise O God in thy wrath, and stand thou vp agaynst the rage of myne enemies: stirre thou for me [according] to the iudgement [whiche] thou hast geuen.
And so shall the congregation of the people come about thee: for their sakes therfore place thy selfe on high.
God wyll iudge the people: geue thou sentence with me O God according to my righteousnesse, and according to my perfection [that is] within me.
My desire is, that ye wickednesse of the vngodly may come to an ende: and that thou wouldest assist the iust, who art the tryer of heartes and of reynes, O most righteous Lorde.
My buckler is with God: who preserueth them that be vpright in heart.
The Lorde is a righteous iudge: and the Lorde is prouoked to anger euery day.
If the wicked wyll not turne, he wyll whet his sworde: bende his bowe, and haue it in a redinesse [to shoote]
He hath prepared hym instrumentes of death: he hath ordayned his arrowes agaynst them that be persecutors.
Beholde, he wyll be in trauayle of a mischiefe, for he hath conceaued a labour: but yet he shall be brought to bed of a falsehood.
He hath made a graue and digged it: but he hym selfe wyll fall into the pit whiche he hath made.
For his labour shall come vpon his owne head: and his wickednesse shall fall vpon his owne pate.
I wyll prayse God accordyng to his ryghteousnesse: & I wyll sing psalmes vnto the name of the most high God.