[To the chiefe musition (a psalme) of Dauid,
to reduce in remembraunce.]
Haste thee O Lorde to delyuer me: make haste to helpe me O God.
Let them be ashamed and confounded that seke after my soule: let them be turned backwarde and be put to confusion that wishe me euyll.
Let them be returned backwarde: for a rewarde of their shamyng [other] which say, there, there.
But let all those that seke thee be ioyfull and glad in thee: and let all such as delight in thy saluation say alway, the Lorde be magnified.
As for me I am poore and in miserie, hasten thee vnto me O Lorde: thou art my ayde and my delyuerer, O God make no long tarying.