[A prayer of Moyses the man of God.]
Lorde thou hast ben our habitation: from one generation to another generation.
Before the moutaynes were brought foorth, or euer the earth & the worlde were made: thou art God both from euerlastyng, and also vntyll euerlastyng.
Thou turnest man most miserable euen vnto dust: thou sayest also, O ye children of men returne you into dust.
For a thousande yeres in thy syght are but as yestarday that is past: and as a watch in the nyght.
Thou makest them to flowe away, they are a sleepe: they be in the morning as an hearbe that groweth.
In the mornyng it florisheth and groweth vp: in the euenyng it is cut downe and wythered.
For we be consumed through thy displeasure: and we are astonyed through thy wrathfull indignation.
Thou hast set our misdeedes before thee: and our sinnes wherof we be not priuie, in the lyght of thy countenaunce.
For all our dayes do passe in thine anger: we spende our yeres as [in speaking] a worde.
The dayes of our yeres be in all threescore yeres and tenne, and yf through strength [of nature] men come to foure score yeres: yet is their iolitie but labour and care, yea moreouer it passeth in haste from vs, and we flee from it.
Who regardeth the force of thy wrath?
for euen there after as a man feareth thee, so [feeleth he] thy displeasure.
Make vs to knowe so our dayes, that we number them: and we wyll frame a heart [vnto] wisdome.
Turne agayne O God (what, for euer [wylt thou be angry?]) and be gratious vnto thy seruauntes.
Replenishe vs early in the mornyng with thy mercie: and we wyll crye out for ioy, and be glad all the dayes of our lyfe.
Make vs mery accordyng to the dayes that thou hast afflicted vs: and accordyng to the yeres wherin we haue suffred aduersitie.
Let thy worke appeare in thy seruauntes: and thy glory in their children.
And let the glorious maiestie of the Lorde our God be vpon vs: and prosper thou the worke of our handes vpon vs, O prosper thou our handy worke.