[A psalme.]
Syng vnto God a newe song: for he hath done marueylous thynges.
With his owne right hande and with his holy arme: he hath gotten to hym selfe the victorie.
God hath declared his saluation: he hath openly shewed his iustice in the syght of the heathen.
He hath remembred his mercie and trueth towarde the house of Israel: and all the endes of the worlde haue seene the saluation of our Lorde.
Shewe your selues ioyfull vnto God all ye [in] the earth: make a ioly noyse, reioyce you chearfully, & syng psalmes.
Syng psalmes vnto God [playing] vpon an harpe: vpon an harpe, and with the sounde of a psalterie.
Shewe your selues ioyfull before the kyng eternall: with trumpettes and sounde of shawmes.
Let the sea make a noyse, and that is within it: the rounde worlde, and they that dwell therin.
Let the fluddes clappe their handes: and let the hylles be ioyfull altogether before the face of God.
For he commeth to iudge the earth: he wyll iudge the worlde accordyng to iustice, & the people accordyng to equitie.