And I sawe a newe heauen & a new earth: for the first heauen & the first earth were vanisshed awaye, & there was no more sea.
And I Iohn sawe the holy citie newe Hierusalem come downe from God out of heauen, prepared as a bride garnisshed for her husbande.
And I hearde a great voyce out of heauen, saying: Beholde, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he wyll dwell with them, and they shalbe his people, and God hym selfe shalbe with them, and be their God.
And God shall wype away all teares from their eyes: and there shalbe no more death, neither sorowe, neither crying, neither shall there be any more payne, for the former thynges are gone.
And he that sate vpon the throne, said: Beholde, I make all thynges newe.
And he sayde vnto me, write: for these wordes are faythfull and true.
And he sayde vnto me, it is done, I am Alpha and Omega, the begynnyng and the ende: I wyll geue to hym that is a thirst of the well of the water of lyfe freely.
He that ouercommeth, shall inherite all thynges, and I wyl be his God, and he shalbe my sonne.
But the fearefull and vnbeleuing, and the abhominable, and murtherers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, & all lyers, shall haue their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brymstone: which is the seconde death.
And there came vnto me one of the seuen angels whiche had the seuen vyals full of the seuen last plagues, and talked with me, saying: Come hyther, I wyll shewe thee the bryde, the lambes wyfe.
And he caryed me away in the spirite to a great and an hye mountayne, and he shewed me the great citie holy Hierusalem, descendyng out of heauen fro God,
Hauing the glorie of God: and her shining was lyke vnto a stone most precious, euen lyke a Iasper, cleare as Cristall.
And had walles great and hye, & had 12 gates, and at the gates 12 angels, & names written, which are the names of the 12 tribes of Israel.
On the east syde three gates, and on the north syde three gates, and towards the south three gates, and fro the west three gates.
And the wall of the citie had 12 foundations, and in them the 12 names of the lambes 12 Apostles.
And he that talked with me had a golden reede to measure the citie withall, and the gates thereof, and the wall therof.
And the citie was buylt foure square, & the length was as large as ye breadth: and he measured the citie with the reede twelue thousande furlonges, and the length, and the breadth, and the heyght of it were equall.
And he measured the wall thereof an hundreth and fourtie and foure cubites, by the measure of man, that is of the angell.
And the buylding of the wall of it was of Iasper, and the citie was pure golde lyke vnto cleare glasse.
And the foundations of the wall of the citie were garnisshed with all maner of precious stones.
The first foundation was Iasper, the seconde Saphire, the third a Chalcedonie, the fourth an Emeralde,
The fifth Sardonix, ye sixth Sardius, the seuenth Chrysolite, the eygth Beryl, the ninth a Topas, the tenth a Chrysoprasus, the eleueth a Iacinct, ye twelfth an Amatist.
The 12 gates were 12 pearles, euery gate was of one pearle.
and the streate of the citie was pure golde, as through shynyng glasse.
And I sawe no temple therin: For the Lorde God almightie and the Lambe, are the temple of it.
And the citie hath no neede of the sunne, neither of the moone to lighten it: For the glorie of God dyd lighten it, and the Lambe is the lyght of it.
And the people which are saued, shall walke in the lyght of it: and the kynges of the earth shall bryng their glorie and honor vnto it.
And the gates of it are not shut by day, for there shalbe no nyght.
And they shall bring the glory and honor of the gentiles vnto it.
And there shall enter into it none vncleane thyng, neither whatsoeuer worketh abhomination, or maketh lyes: but they only which are written in the lambes booke of lyfe.