And write vnto the Angel of the Churche that is at Sardis, this sayth he that hath the seuen spirites of God, and the seuen starres.
I knowe thy workes: thou hast a name that thou lyuest, and thou art dead.
Be awake, and strength the thynges which remayne, that are redie to dye: For I haue not founde thy workes perfect before God.
Remember therfore howe thou hast receaued and heard, and holde fast, and repent.
If thou shalt not watche, I wyll come on thee as a thiefe, and thou shalt not knowe what houre I wyll come vpon thee.
Thou hast a fewe names in Sardis, which haue not defiled their garmetes, and they shall walke with me in white, for they are worthie.
He that ouercommeth, shalbe thus clothed in whyte aray, and I wyll not put out his name out of the booke of life, and I will confesse his name before my father, and before his Angels.
Let him that hath an eare, heare what the spirite sayth vnto the Churches.
And write vnto ye Angel of the Church of Philadelphia, this sayth he that is holy and true, which hath the key of Dauid, which openeth, and no man shutteth, and shutteth, and no man openeth.
I knowe thy workes: Beholde, I haue set before thee an open doore, and no man can shut it, for thou hast a litle strength, & hast kept my sayinges: and hast not denyed my name.
Beholde, I make them of the synagogue of Satan, which call them selues Iewes and are not, but do lye: Behold, I wyll make them that they shal come and worshyp before thy feete, and shall knowe that I haue loued thee.
Because thou hast kept the wordes of my patience, therfore I wyll kepe thee from the houre of temptation, which wyll come vpon all the worlde, to trie them that dwel vpon the earth.
Beholde, I come shortly: Holde that which thou haste, that no man take away thy crowne.
Hym that ouercometh, wyll I make a pyller in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: And I wyll write vpon him the name of my God, and the name of the citie of my God, newe Hierusalem, which commeth downe out of heauen from my God, and [I wyll write vpon hym] my newe name.
Let hym that hath an eare, heare what the spirite sayth vnto ye Churches.
And vnto the Angel of the Churche which is in Laodicea, write: This saith Amen, the faythfull and true witnesse, the begynnyng of the creatures of God.
I knowe thy workes, that thou arte neither colde nor hotte: I woulde thou were colde or hotte.
So the, because thou art luke warme, and neither colde nor hotte, I wyll spewe thee out of my mouth:
Because thou sayest, I am riche and increased with goodes, and haue neede of nothyng: & knowest not howe that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poore, and blynde, and naked.
I counsel thee to bye of me gold tryed in the fyre, that thou mayest be riche, and whyte rayment, that thou mayest be clothed, that thy fylthie nakednesse do not appeare, and annoynt thyne eyes with eye salue, that thou mayest see.
As many as I loue, I rebuke and chasten: Be feruent therfore, & repent.
Beholde, I stande at the doore and knocke: If any man heare my voyce, and open the doore, I wyll come in to hym, and wyll suppe with hym, and he with me.
To hym that ouercommeth, wyll I graunt to sitte with me in my throne, euen as I ouercame, and haue sitten with my father in his throne.
Let hym yt hath an eare, heare what the spirite sayth vnto the Churches.