And when he had opened the seuenth seale, ther was scilence in heaue about the space of halfe an houre:
And I sawe the seuen angels standyng before God, and to them were geuen seuen trumpets.
And another angell came and stoode before the aulter, hauyng a golden senser, and much of odours was geuen vnto hym, that he should offer of the prayers of all saintes vpon the golden aulter which was before the throne.
And the smoke of the odours whiche came of the prayers of all saintes, ascended vp before God, out of the angels hande.
And the angel toke the senser, and fylled it with fire of the aulter, and cast it into the earth: and voyces were made, and thundrynges, and lyghtnynges, & earthquake.
And the seuen angels whiche had the seuen trumpettes, prepared them selues to blowe.
The first angell blewe, & there was made hayle & fire, mingled with blood, and they were cast into the earth, and the thirde part of trees was burnt, and all greene grasse was burnt.
And the seconde angell blewe, and as it were a great mountayne burnyng with fire was cast into the sea, and the thirde part of the sea turned to blood.
And the thirde part of the creatures whiche were in the sea, and hadde lyfe, dyed, and the thirde part of shippes were destroyed.
And the third angell blewe, and there fell a great starre from heauen, burning as it were a lampe, and it fell into the thirde part of the ryuers, and into fountaynes of waters:
And the name of the starre is called wormewood, and the thirde part was turned to wormewood, and many men dyed of the waters, because they were made bitter.
And the fourth angell blewe, and the thirde part of the sunne was smytten, and the thirde part of the moone, and the thirde part of starres, so that the thirde part of them was darkened: and the day was smitten, that the third part of it shoulde not shyne, and lykewise the nyght.
And I behelde, and hearde an angell fleyng through the myddes of heauen, saying with a loude voyce, wo, wo, wo to the inhabiters of the earth, because of the voyces to come of the trumpe of the three angels which were yet to blowe.