It came to passe that whe the iudges ruled, there fel a dearth in the land, & a certein man of Bethlehe Iuda went for to soiourne in the countrey of Moab, he and his wyfe, and his two sonnes.
The name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wyfe Naomi, and the names of his two sonnes were Mahlon and Chilion, Ephraites out of Bethlehem Iuda: And whe they came into the lande of Moab, they continued there.
And Elimelech Naomies husbande died, and she remayned with her two sonnes.
Whiche toke them wyues, Moabitesses, of the Moabites: the ones name was Orpha, and the others Ruth: And they dwelled there about a ten yeres.
And Mahlon & Chilion died also euen both of them, and the woman was left destitute of her two sonnes and of her husband.
Then she arose with her daughters in lawe, and returned from the countrey of Moab: for she had hearde say in the countrey of Moab, howe that the Lorde had visited his people, and geuen them bread.
Wherfore she departed out of the place where she was, and her two daughters in lawe with her: And they went on their way to returne vnto the lande of Iuda.
And Naomi said vnto her two daughters in lawe, Go & returne eche of you vnto your mothers house: & the Lorde deale as kindly with you, as ye haue dealt with the dead, and with me:
And the Lord geue you, that you may fynde rest, either of you in the house of her husbande.
And when she kyssed them, they lift vp their voyce and wept,
And sayde vnto her: Surely we will returne with thee vnto thy folke.
And Naomi sayde, Turne againe my daughters: for what cause will you go with me?
Are there any moe children in my wombe, to be your husbandes?
Turne againe my daughters, go your way, for I am to olde to haue an husbande: And if I sayd, I haue hope, if I toke a man also this night, yea & though I had alredy borne sonnes:
Would ye tary after them, till they were of age?
or woulde ye for them so long refrayne from taking of husbandes?
Not so my daughters: for it greeueth me muche for your sakes, that the hand of the Lorde is gone out against me.
And they lift vp their voyces, & wept againe: and Orpha kissed her mother in lawe, but Ruth abode still by her.
And Naomi said: See, thy sister in law is gone backe againe vnto her people, & vnto her gods: returne thou after her.
And Ruth aunswered: Entreat me not to leaue thee, and to returne from after thee: for whyther thou goest, I will go also, & where thou dwellest, there I wil dwell: Thy people shalbe my people, and thy god my god:
Where thou diest, there will I die, and there wyl I be buried: The Lord do so to me and more also, if ought but death depart thee and me.
When she sawe that she was stedfastly minded to go with her, she left speaking vnto her.
And so they wet both, vntil they came to Bethlehe: And whe they were come to Bethlehem, it was noysed of them thorow all the citie, and they sayde: Is not this Naomi?
And she annswered them: Cal me not Naomi: but call me Mara, for the almightie hath made me verie bitter.
I went out full, and the Lorde hath brought me home agayne emptie: Why then call ye me Naomi, seying, the Lord hath humbled me, & the almightie hath brought me vnto aduersite?
And so Naomi with Ruth the Moabitesse her daughter in lawe, returned out of the countrey of Moab, and came to Bethlehe, in the beginning of barlie haruest.