Then went Booz vp to the gate, and sat him downe there: and beholde, the kinsman of which Booz spake, came by, vnto whom, he sayde: Ho, suche one, come, sit downe here.
And he turned, & sat downe.
And he toke ten men of the elders of the citie, and said: sit ye downe here.
And they sat downe.
And he sayd vnto the kinsman: Naomi that is come agayne out of the countrey of Moab, will sel a parcell of lande, which was our brother Elimelechs.
And I thought to do thee to wyt, and byd the bye it before thee inhabitauntes and elders of my people.
If thou wilt redeeme it, redeeme it: but & if thou wilt not redeeme it, then tell me, that I may knowe: For there is none to redeeme it, saue thou, and I next thee.
And the other aunswered: I will redeeme it.
Then sayd Booz: What day thou biest the fielde of the hande of Naomi, thou must bye it also of Ruth the Moabite the wyfe of the dead, to stirre vp the name of the dead vpon his inheritaunce.
The kinsman aunswered: I can not redeeme it, for marring of myne owne inheritaunce: redeeme thou my right to thee, for I cannot redeeme it.
Nowe this was the maner of olde time in Israel concerning redeeming & chaunging, for to stablishe al thing: that a man must plucke of his shoe, & geue it his neyghbour: And this was a sure witnesse in Israel.
Therfore the kinsman sayde to Booz, Bye it thou: and so drue of his shoe.
And Booz sayde vnto the elders and vnto all the people: Ye are witnesses this day, that I haue bought all that was Elimelechs, and all that was Chilions, and Mahalons, of the hande of Naomi.
And moreouer, Ruth the Moabite the wyfe of Mahalo, haue I purchased to be my wyfe, to stirre vp the name of the dead vpon his inheritaunce, & that the name of the dead be not put out fro among his brethren, and from the gate of his place: ye are witnesses this day.
And all the people that were in the gate, and the elders, sayde, We are witnesses: The Lord make the woma that is come into thyne house, lyke Rahel and Lea, whiche twayne dyd buylde the house of Israel: & that thou mayest do worthyly in Ephrata, and be famous in Bethlehem.
Thy house be like the house of Pharez (whom Thamar bare vnto Iuda) eue of the seede whiche the Lord shall geue thee of this young woman.
And so Booz toke Ruth, and she was his wyfe: And when he went in vnto her, the Lorde gaue, that she conceaued and bare a sonne.
And the women sayde vnto Naomi: Blessed be the Lorde, the whiche hath not left thee this day without a kinsman, and his name shalbe continued in Israel.
And that shall bring thy lyfe agayne, and cherishe thyne olde age: For thy daughter in lawe whiche loueth thee, hath borne vnto him, and she is better to thee then seuen sonnes.
And Naomi toke the child, & layed it in her lappe, and became nurse vnto it.
And the women her neyghbours gaue it a name, saying: There is a child borne to Naomi, & called it Obed: the same is the father of Isai, the father of Dauid.
These are the generations of Pharez, Phares begat Hezron,
Hezron begat Ram, Ram begat Aminadab,
Aminadab begat Naasson, Naasson begat Salmon,
Salmon begat Booz, Booz begat Obed,
Obed begat Isai, Isai begat Dauid.