By night in my bed I sought hym whom my soule loueth: yea diligently sought I him, but I found him not.
I will get vp [thought] & go about the citie, in the wayes in all the streates wyll I seeke hym whom my soule loueth: but when I sought him I founde him not.
The watchmen also that go about the citie, founde me [to whom I sayde] Sawe ye not hym whom my soule loueth?
So when I was a litle past them, I founde him whom my soule loueth: I haue gotten holde vpon hym, and wyll not let him go, vntyll I bryng him into my mothers house, and into her chaumber that bare me.
I charge you O ye daughters of Hierusalem by the roes and hyndes of the fielde, that ye wake not vp my loue, nor touch her, till she be content her self.
Who is this that commeth vp out of the wyldernesse like vapours of smoke, as it were a smell of myrre, frankensence, and all maner spices of the Apothecarie?
Beholde, about Solomons bedsteede there stande threescore valiaunt, of the most mightie in Israel: They holde swordes euery one, and are expert in warre.
Euery man also hath his sworde vpon his thigh, because of feare in the night.
Kyng Solomon had made him selfe a pallace of the wood of Libanus,
the pillers are of siluer, the couering of golde, the seate of purple, the grounde is pleasauntly paued with loue for the daughters of Hierusalem.
Go foorth (O ye daughters of Sion) and beholde king Solomon in the crowne wherewith his mother crowned him in the day of his mariage, and in the day of the gladnesse of his heart.