Pray the Lorde then betimes to geue the latter rayne, so shall the Lorde make bright cloudes, and geue you rayne inough, and to euery one grasse in the fielde.
For vaine is the aunswere of idols, the soothsayers see lyes, & the dreamers tell but vaine thinges, the comfort that they geue is nothing worth: therefore they went away lyke a flocke of sheepe, and were troubled, because they had no shephearde.
My wrothfull displeasure was moued against the shepheardes, and I wyll visite the goates: for the Lorde of hoastes wyl visite his flocke the house of Iuda, and wyll make them as a goodly fayre horse in the battaile.
Out of Iuda shall come the corner, the nayle, the battel bowe, and the appoynter of tribute also.
They shalbe as giauntes, which in the battaile treade downe their enemies in the myre of the streetes: they shal fight, for the Lorde shalbe with them, and the horsemen shalbe confounded.
I wyll comfort the house of Iuda, & preserue the house of Ioseph, I wyll bring them againe, for I pitie them, and they shalbe like as they were when I had not cast them of: for I the lord am their God, and wyll heare them.
Ephraim shalbe as a giaunt, and their heart shalbe cheareful as through wine: yea their children shal see it, and be glad, and their heart shal reioyce in the Lord.
I wyll hisse for them, & gather them together, for I wyl redeeme them: they shal encrease, as they encreased afore.
I wyll sowe them among the people, that they may thincke vpon me in farre countryes, they shal liue with their children, and turne againe.
I wyll bring them againe also from the land of Egypt, and gather them out of Assyria: I wyll cary them into the lande of Gilead & to Libanus, and place shall not be founde for them.
He shal go vpon the sea of trouble, and smyte the sea waues, so that all the depe floodes shalbe dryed vp: the proude boasting of Assur shalbe cast downe, & the scepter of Egypt shalbe taken away.
I wil comfort them in ye lord, that they may walke in his name, saith the Lord.