The heauy burthen which the Lorde hath deuised for Israel.
Thus saith the Lorde which spread the heauens abrode, layde the foundatio of the earth, and gaue man the breath of lyfe,
Beholde, I wyll make Hierusalem a cuppe of surfet vnto all the people that are rounde about her: yea Iuda him selfe also shalbe in the siege against Hierusalem.
At the same time wyll I make Hierusalem an heauy stone for all people, so that al such as lyft it vp shalbe torne and rent, and all the people of the earth shal be gathered together against it.
In that day saith the Lorde, I wyll make al horses astonyed, and those that ryde vpon the to be out of their wittes: I wyll open myne eyes vpon the house of Iuda, and smite all the horses of the people with blindnesse.
And the princes of Iuda shall say in their heartes, The inhabiters of Hierusalem shall geue me consolation in the Lorde of hoastes their God.
In that time wyll I make the princes of Iuda lyke an hot burning ouen with wood, and like a fire brand among the strawe, so that they shall consume al the people rounde about them both vpon the right hande and the left: Hierusalem also shalbe inhabited againe, [namely] in the same place where Hierusalem standeth.
The Lorde shall preserue the tentes of Iuda as afore time, so that the glorye of the house of Dauid and the glory of the citezins of Hierusalem shal not be exalted against Iuda.
In that day shall the Lorde defende the citezins of Hierusalem, so that the weakest then among them shalbe as Dauid: and the house of Dauid shalbe as gods house, and as the angel of the Lorde before them.
At the same tyme wyll I go about to destroy all such people as come against Hierusalem.
Moreouer, vpon the house of Dauid & vpon the citezins of Hierusalem wyll I poure out the spirite of grace & compassion, so that they shall loke vpon me whom they haue pearsed, and they shal lamet for him as men mourne for their onely begotten sonne: yea, and be sory for him, as men are sory for their first childe.
Then shal there be a great mourning at Hierusalem, like as the lamentation at Adadremmon in the fielde of Mageddon.
And the lande shal bewaile, euery kindred by them selues alone: the kindred of the house of Dauid by them selues, and their wyues by them selues: the kindred of the house of Nathan them selues, and their wyues by them selues:
The kindred of the house of Leui them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues: the kindred of the house of Semei them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues.
In lyke maner, all the other generations euery one by them selues alone, and their wyues by them selues.