So I turned me, lifting vp myne eyes, & loked, and beholde, a fleeing booke.
And he saide vnto me: what seest thou?
I aunswered: I see a fleeing booke of twentie cubites long, and ten cubites broade.
Then saide he vnto me, This is the curse that goeth foorth ouer the whole earth: for al theeues shalbe iudged after this booke, & al pariured persons shalbe iudged according to the same.
And I wil bring it foorth saith the lord of hoastes, so that it shall enter into the house of the theefe, and into the house of him that falsely sweareth by my name: and shall remayne in his house, and consume it, with the timber & stones therof.
Then the angel that talked with me, went foorth, and saide vnto me: Lyft vp thyne eyes, and see what is this that goeth foorth.
And I said, what is it?
He aunswered: This is a measure going out.
He saide moreouer: Eue thus are they that dwel vpon the whole earth to loke vpon.
And behold, there was lyft vp a talent of lead: and lo, a woman sate in the middest of the measure.
And he said, This is vngodlinesse: So he cast her into the middest of the measure, and threwe the lumpe of lead into the mouth of the measure.
Then lyft I vp myne eyes, and loked, & beholde, there came out two women, and the winde was in their winges: for they had winges lyke the winges of a storke, and they lyft vp the measure betwixt the earth and the heauen.
Then spake I to the angel that talked with me: Whyther wyll these beare the measure?
And he saide vnto me: Into the land of Sinnaar to builde it an house, & it shal be established, & set there vpon her owne place.