Thus sayeth the Lorde, Where is that bill of your mothers diuorcement, whome I haue cast off?
or who is the creditour to whome I solde you?
Beholde, for your iniquities are yee solde, and because of your transgressions is your mother forsaken.
Wherefore came I, & there was no man?
I called, & none answered: is mine hand so shortened, that it cannot helpe?
or haue I no power to deliuer?
Beholde, at my rebuke I drie vp the Sea: I make the floods desert: their fish rotteth for wat of water, and dieth for thirst.
I clothe the heauens with darkenesse, and make a sacke their couering.
The Lorde God hath giuen me a tongue of the learned, that I shoulde knowe to minister a woord in time to him that is weary: he will raise me vp in the morning: in the morning hee will waken mine eare to heare, as the learned.
The Lord God hath opened mine eare and I was not rebellious, neither turned I backe.
I gaue my backe vnto the smiters, and my cheekes to the nippers: I hidde not my face from shame and spitting.
For the Lord God will helpe me, therefore shall I not bee confounded: therefore haue I set my face like a flint, and I knowe that I shall not be ashamed.
Hee is neere that iustifieth mee: who will contend with me?
Let vs stande together: who is mine aduersarie?
let him come neere to me.
Beholde, the Lord God will helpe me: who is he that can condemne me?
loe, they shall waxe olde as a garment: the mothe shall eate them vp.
Who is among you that feareth the Lord?
let him heare the voyce of his seruant: hee that walketh in darkenesse, and hath no light, let him trust in the Name of the Lorde, and staye vpon his God.
Beholde, all you kindle a fire, and are compassed about with sparkes: walke in the light of your fire, and in the sparkes that ye haue kindled.
This shall ye haue of mine hand: ye shall lye downe in sorowe.