To him that excelleth.
A Psalme of Dauid.
In the Lorde put I my trust: howe say yee then to my soule, Flee to your mountaine as a birde?
For loe, the wicked bende their bowe, and make readie their arrowes vpon the string, that they may secretly shoote at them, which are vpright in heart.
For the foundations are cast downe: what hath the righteous done?
The Lord is in his holy palace: the Lordes throne is in the heauen: his eyes wil consider: his eye lids will try the children of men.
The Lorde will try the righteous: but the wicked and him that loueth iniquitie, doeth his soule hate.
Vpon the wicked he shal raine snares, fire, and brimstone, and stormie tempest: this is the porcion of their cup.
For the righteous Lorde loueth righteousnes: his countenance doeth beholde the iust.