A Psalme of Dauid.
Heare my prayer, O Lorde, and hearken vnto my supplication: answere me in thy trueth and in thy righteousnes.
(And enter not into iudgement with thy seruant: for in thy sight shall none that liueth, be iustified)
For the enemie hath persecuted my soule: he hath smitten my life downe to the earth: he hath layde me in the darkenes, as they that haue bene dead long agoe:
And my spirit was in perplexitie in me, and mine heart within me was amased.
Yet doe I remember the time past: I meditate in all thy workes, yea, I doe meditate in the workes of thine hands.
I stretch forth mine hands vnto thee: my soule desireth after thee, as the thirstie land.
Heare me speedily, O Lorde, for my spirit fayleth: hide not thy face from me, els I shall be like vnto them that go downe into the pit.
Let me heare thy louing kindenes in the morning, for in thee is my trust: shewe mee the way, that I should walke in, for I lift vp my soule vnto thee.
Deliuer me, O Lorde, from mine enemies: for I hid me with thee.
Teach me to doe thy will, for thou art my God: let thy good Spirit leade me vnto the land of righteousnes.
Quicken me, O Lord, for thy Names sake, and for thy righteousnesse bring my soule out of trouble.
And for thy mercy slay mine enemies, and destroy all them that oppresse my soule: for I am thy seruant.